Dismantle service

Pallet-a full disassembly of the car with the layout in a wooden structure for subsequent shipment to Vladivostok.

From 2 to 4 cars. Strictly in accordance with your request for dismantle.


-you get only those parts of the car that you need

-you save your money on transportation of cargo across Russian Federation(in the case of delivery to the regions)

-fast turnover of funds(this is faster than a container)


-you do not get airbags and batteries from disassembled cars

-when the final consignee is located in vladivostok, there are no savings on delivery across the Russian Federation(compared to cut cars)

Photo-examples of work

container-full disassembly of a large number of cars

from 10 to 14 units into a 20-ft standard container, as well as from 22 to 30 cars in a 40-ft high cube container.

The number of cars depends strictly on your requests, as well as the process of dismantle and the number of cars is previously agreed with the head of our technical department.


As a major advantage, let us show you the following presentation with the calculations:

Download a commercial offer for dismantle to a container

The price is approximate. For a detailed calculation, please contact the direction manager


-The speed of your earnings depends on the dynamics of your car purchase process

Photo-examples of work